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SEO Process

SEO Search Terms Research

Put yourself in the shoes of the typical person who is looking for your products or services, workout what they would type into a search engine through research and expert knowledge. Analise competitor sites for their SEO ranking terms and strengths to compete with them. Consult a thesaurus for suitable synonyms for your search terms. Use professional online SEO tools to enable us to see the number of searches made for various terms on search engines.

SEO Website Optimisation

Putting those key search terms into the pages of your site. Put them in titles, headings, sub headings, main body of text and meta descriptions. Avoid keyword stuffing, keep your site's content natural and above all human readable.

Backlinks to Improve SEO

Google in particular puts a lot of weight on the number of high quality 'in-bound links'. The theory is that if lots of respected websites are linking to you, then you must have something going on. Finding leading industry websites and important bloggers to link to you is more difficult than ever, but oh so worth it. Creating very high quality web pages is the best way so research, research, research your articles.

Directory Listings and Online Portals

Websites that list sites in your industry can bring plenty of traffic, some such as The Open Directory Project feed directly into Google and Alexa so are worth chasing. Avoid spammy directories that are not relevant to your business / sector, since updates in Google called panda and penguin you MUST be careful with the directories you list in. As small local online portals are constantly looking for free content, supplying them with interesting articles is always welcome and comes with back links.

Blogging for SEO Strength

Posting articles on sites like this is a good way to bring visitors to your site, but the articles must have value and worth. Your mindset must be to put your information / message in front of people who might not visit your site normally, in an effort to bring them to your site. Do not replicate, repeat your articles on blog sites create content just for them that would not suit your own website.

If you are looking to hire a professional SEO company then check their rankings in search engines, don't be afraid to ask the questions that need asking. All the top bloggers and industry experts recommend that you converse back and forth with an SEO company several times to get a feel for them.

My recommendation is to choose several consultants/agencies that fit your needs, your budget, and, if applicable/important to you, your geography. Talk with several of them over email/phone and make a selection based on those conversations.
Rand Fishkin, moz.com

Only when you feel a connection that can work for years, should you progress to the deal.

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