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URL of SEO Joomla Web Developer and SEO Expert Welcomes Joomla 3.7 To The World

Joomla 3.7 has been released today.

Years of hard work into an awesome Content Management System CMS that is given away for free! I remember four years ago someone put a price tag of $12,000,000 on the Joomla software if you went to a development and asked for what Joomla does for free.

Joomla 3.7 CMS Platform

Homepage Load Time

Here's a quick and easy way to speed up how long it takes your homepage to load. Content Management Systems ( CMS ) like Joomla or Wordpress have a database to draw the content from, this will slow down load time from just a website with  static HTML pages. You can get around this by copying the source of your home page and creating a HTML page.

  1. Go to your homepage and right click the mouse, now click on 'View Page Source'
  2. Highlight all the content and copy it ( Control A )
  3. Now save it to a text file called 'index.html'
  4. Upload this to the root of your public HTML folder

This will now supersede your normal homepage. Please note that every time you add or update something on your site that will effect your homepage you will need to redo this process. Obviously if you have constantly update content on your homepage this is not for you. Any CSS that make your site responsive will still be loaded so it continues to work on mobile devices.