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Joomla Security Audit URL of SEO

Most webmasters / website owners are not Joomla security experts. The vast majority of hacking incidents we see are preventable with some simple maintenance.

The fact is that your Joomla website needs to be set-up correctly in the first place. Knowing the correct Joomla settings and file permissions is not as straight forward as some would have you believe.

Websites get hacked every day, getting Joomla security right can be tricky. From the moment your site goes live, hackers start probing it looking for security vulnerabilities. The most common hacks are due to out-of-date Joomla files and third party add-ons that have not been updated.

Joomla Security Audit £350 From URL of SEO

Our Joomla security audit offers incredible value for money, not only will we list all of your out of date add-ons and where to download their latest versions, but we will gather together all the information on how to update them as well.

We will install and configure a backup add-on for you to run at least once a week, having a backup of your site is of imperative importance,

DO NOT rely on your hosting company for backups, it is YOUR responsibility to backup your website with any hosting company.

Also included in the price is a full written report on your websites set-up and the best set-up for your requirements.

The final part of this package is a report on your server, pointing out any weaknesses and what you might be able to do. Most websites are on a shared hosting package that you have no control of. However it is possible to ask your hosting company to make some changes that can make a big difference.

Our Joomla security audit will reduce the chances of your site being hacked, additionally should you suffer a hacking incident we'll have setup a backup routine so you are prepared with back-ups and a full disaster recover plan.

Securing a Joomla Website

The security audit can be passed on to any Joomla developer if you are not comfortable making the changes yourself.

If your Joomla website has already been hacked, see our Clean Up Joomla de-hacking service page.