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Joomla Component and Module Customisation

Joomla Components Expert

I've worked on, customised and built Joomla components of all types. Customising Joomla Virtuemart to create custom emails for administrators, custom invoices, products and country variations of shipping cost, sale or return, purchase orders, only countries at you ship to.

Frustrated that Sobi doesn't take payments? So was I, so I bought another directory component and made it take payments through Sage Pay updating expiry dates and allowing up sales to higher access levels.

Do you want an imaging version like Instagram, some components get close but not exactly as you want. I've created the experience and feel from already existing Joomla components by analysing the clients wants and making them happen. Don't listen to developers who say "No" that's their limitations not yours.

Events registration whether it be Jevents, DT Register or others, all have most of what you want but not exactly what you want out of the box. How long does it take you or your current Joomla support professional to get you what you want. Wireframe your needs and develop, sounds simple and realistically it is, nothing is beyond doing, but does your budget match your requirements? Venn diagram: cost, time and quality.

Custom Email Capture For Downloads In Joomla

Capture email address in exchange for PDFs and other documents. There is a much simpler way of doing this that is the norm, give information of what you're doing to do but simply show the download link then request an email address in exchange for the download. The number of over the top ways I've seen this done dumbfounds me, sign-up to the site, create an account, there is absolutely no need to go that far.

DOCman categories has been the bane of many a Joomla developers life. It really does require fully hacking DOCman to stop showing categories that are irrelevant in other categories. Unless of course you understand Joomla's plugin system, you could cheat and hide them with javascript but there's a better way - the right way. Joomla allows you to create plugins that can override anything, why they aren't used more I do not understand but they're not. You don't need workarounds you need correct systems of use and I can give you this saving you time and therefore money.

Joomla Module Customisation and Creation

I've copied a core Joomla module and customised it to work in ways that it was not designed for i.e a copy of latest news module customised to work in conjunction with components to display a list of latest articles that have a keyword match and not a category.

Custom Joomla Modules

Third party providers such as Infinity Number replace phone numbers setting a cookie to track visitors movements and set a customer adviser too them. Meaning when they visit the site again the same phone number displays and they always get through to the same adviser.

My bespoke travel agent client wanted to display different advisers in a side module in different orders depending on the country, but did not want to maintain several modules with the very complicated module assignment issues.

I created a bespoke type of module that latches onto the country in the URL and changes the order accordingly, only one module to maintain.

Joomla Component and Module Creation

Need professional help choosing the right Joomla components and modules for your site? Can't find what you're looking for? I'll help you find or create what you need, either as a one off project or ongoing support contract. Email today for help - Joomla component and module creation.