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SEO & Professional Joomla Webmaster

  • Get your 20 Page Website Search Engine Optimised From £1200
  • Get your 50 Page Website Search Engine Optimised From £2100
  • 25 hours flat rate strategy, report and initial implementation £1100
  • 10 hours flat rate for Search Terms Research £450
  • Google shows VIAGRA in links - Remove Hack from Joomla £375


Joomla Support Service

We support Joomla websites every day, with eight years direct experience to call on for your Joomla powered sites.

Joomla Support Services are designed for long term ongoing client relations. Our contract offers you a major discount on one time problem fixes, we are looking for clients who require proactive Joomla support with quick response needs.

Joomla Support Contracts are utilised for almost any task that you need going, typically they're used in four main areas: Search engine optimisation, design and layout, security and updates. Your Joomla Support Contract can be used for just one or all of these areas.

Joomla Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Promote your website through third party sites - blogs
  • Create a contemporary list of search terms to promote and gain top rankings
  • Build effective page structure with headings, subheadings, paragraphs and lists
  • Build a properly structured menu to maximise rankings
  • Create high impact landing pages, keyphrase rich with clear call to actions
  • Reduce the amount of unused modules to speed up your site
  • Page load time issues, reduce image file sizes
  • Setup search engine rank checker lists to show your site's progress
  • Monitoring Google Analytics

Joomla Website Design and Layout:

  • Improve your site for mobile devices
  • User experience (UX) improvements
  • Structure menus for ease of navigation to improve user experience
  • Joomla template tweaks
  • Setup content templates and styling tags - saves time and money
  • Installing and configuring new plugins and modules

Component installation may need to be a project or off-set against future hours. Simpler components will be done under normal service.

Joomla Website Security:

  • Security checks
  • Weekly backup
  • Updating / upgrading Joomla and your extensions

Contracted clients purchase a block of hours each month ( minimum two hours | minimum twelve months ), which guarantees them access to Joomla services when they need them, joomla support clients take priority and get a 50% discount on standard rate.